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From March 25th - 31st, 16 companies visited 4 different cities in China; Shaoxing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. This was a fantastic opportunity for these entrepreneurs to learn about the life sciences industry in China, meet with potential investors, manufacturers and strategic partners. 

InTeahouse put together a world class road show of summits for the U.S. life sciences companies and industry experts like us to connect with investors and strategic partners in China. Over the course of 8 days, we made great connections that should yield future investment opportunities and strong partnerships.
— Greg Zikos, CEO and Founder, Dermaport
As start-ups representing all corners of the globe, we received everything we needed to succeed, eg, funding, subsidies, access to talent, distribution to an enormous population, strategic partnership, and multi-tier government support for success. China is letting innovation lead the growth trajectory of the life sciences industry. Their coordination of life science companies, government, and investors work seamlessly toward building collaborative partnerships with US innovative companies. I am very pleased to have been part of this initiative.
— Richie A. Bavasso, Co-Founder and CEO, nQ Medical Inc.


Verdin Biosciences

The Verdin team is focused on developing meaningful medications capable of reducing the suffering and injury associated with gout and its consequences. We are developing small molecule uricosuric agents that enhance uric acid excretion lowering serum uric acid (sUA) for the treatment of chronic gout.

Company Representative 

Sha Liu, MD, PhD, Co-founder and CSO

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Abravit BioPharm

Abravit Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company which markets prescription products for China and USA markets. Abravit has several prescription products in late stage development. In addition, through its co-development model the company will has multiple generic prescription products on the market, filed with the CFDA and FDA in various stages of development.

Company Representative

Joshua Tsao, MS, President & CSO

Rizecare Medical

RizeCare Medical Service ensures a full range of medical and health services and resources through a membership model, which provides comprehensive grading and treatment prior to specialist referral. Our platform-based medical service offers consultation, specialist referral, health management, nursing, and precision treatment of foreign tumors.

Company Representative 

Yi Fan- Graduate of the Faculty of Nursing of Fudan University

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Assembly Biosciences

We are a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing two innovative platform programs: an HBV program advancing a new class of oral therapeutics for the treatment of hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection and a microbiome program developing novel oral live biotherapeutics designed to address diseases associated with the microbiome.

Company Representative

Kenneth Gao, Director of Corporate Development and Strategy

Teclision, Ltd. 

Our Mission is to develop new drugs to treat cancer and other diseases with strong unmet medical need.The initial focus is on liver cancer or hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) based on the platform technology in targeting tumor vessels to induce tumor hypoxia, and then expanded to other solid tumors.

Company Representative

Haikun Shi, MD. PhD. Chief Medical Officer


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Arbele Corporation is a globally-oriented biopharmaceutical company focused on developing antibody-based solutions and products for diagnosing and treating gastrointestinal (GI) malignancies, such as pancreas, colon, stomach, liver and esophageal cancers.  

Company Representative

Dr. John Luk, Founder and President

Bowen Bioscience

Bowen Bioscience provides contract services for food, nutraceutical, and biopharmaceutical industries. We specialize in identifying and quantifying minute constituents in food samples. Our food safety tests include food allergens, food contaminants, and drug residuals. We also specialize in detecting trace elements in biological samples. Using functional bioassays, we provide bioactivity guided chemical characterization, which greatly expedites the product discovery process, finding the target compound in an efficient and accurate manner. Our capacities span the areas of cell biology, molecular biology, bacteriology, immunology, and immunohistochemistry.

Company Representative

Julia Zhao, M.D., CEO

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XGenomes’ sequencing chemistry is completely different than those that have gone before. It is based on real-time parallel acquisition of sequence from unamplified single molecules of DNA or RNA. Its advantages over competition expect to be (1) higher sensitivity,  (2) lower error, (3) 10x faster speed, (4) lower cost of instrument and consumables production, (5) less complex and better integrated and therefore easier to use, (6) more complete information as it covers 100% of the genome and provides long read lengths. 

Company Representative 

Kalim Mir, CEO & Founder

nQ Medical Inc. 

We’ve found rich information hidden in the way our fingers interact with smart devices, that allows for motor impairment tracking and potentially early detection of neurodegenerative disease onset.

Our algorithms detect the subtle psychomotor impairment typical of these diseases by analyzing the timing of keystrokes. No information of what you are typing is captured. No hardware changes required.

Company Representative 

Richie A. Bavasso, Co-Founder and CEO

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From our core technology platform we are able to provide customised medical training experiences employing the very latest virtual reality techniques combined with the sense of touch deliver through a cutting edge proprietary haptics intelligence system.

Working in disciplines as varied as MIS/Laparoscopic, Ophthalmology, ENT and Neurosurgery and in training ranging from technical capability development and rehearsal through to clinical shared decisioning our simulations can provide a way to accelerate education, understanding and advocacy.

Company Representative

Richard Vincent Founder & CEO

ZiO Health

We have made it easy for you. Use our device to analyze a small sample, and within seconds your results are displayed on your smart phone; from the comfort of your home. 

Company Representative 

Shaolin Liang MRes, PhD, CTO & Founder

Neel Patel MD, MBA, CEO & Founder

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DermaPort, Inc. is a medical device manufacturer located in Walnut, California. DermaPort, Inc. was founded to create innovative access devices that improve clinical outcome and patient experience. DermaPort, Inc. is current commercializing its Ported Vascular Access System (“DermaPortTM”) for long-term catheter dependent patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). 

Company Representative 

Greg Zikos, CEO and Founder



Biothelium is a spin out company from AMI-USC.  The goal is development of biocompatible nanotube technology.  The technology is nano-topography which promotes natural vessel growth and eliminates clotting.

Company Representative 

John D.H. Mai, PhD

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Osteocyte is focused on creating natural, physiological solutions for bone repair and regeneration. We are targeting non-union bone fractures in long bones as the initial clinical indication for this technology.

Company Representative 

Greg Zikos, CEO and Founder