Creating a Global Network

Part of this year's summit is a US-China investment cooperation conference organized by the US Chamber of Commerce and the Guangdong government. It is wonderful opportunity for the attendees to establish new relationships with potential investors, strategic partners and manufacturers to accelerate their business growth. 




Kathleen D. Kennedy

Kathleen is currently working with the Center for Collective Intelligence to coordinate new cross-campus programs and build collaborations with organizations around the world. From July, 2016-June 2017, Kathleen served as a lead organizer for The Engine, a new MIT initiative created to advance innovation. In 2014, she co-founded HUBweek, a first-of-its-kind civic collaboration and weeklong festival in Boston. Prior to that she served as the President of MIT Technology Review, as well as the President of the MIT Enterprise Forum.

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Ampaire is an aircraft tech startup based in Los Angeles. We're on a mission to provide the world with all-electric powered commercial flights that are affordable, quiet, and low emissions. Our talented team originates from top institutions including altech, Stanford, Penn, USC, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and SpaceX.

Company Representative

Susan Ying, Vice President of Technology Strategy and International Relations


We are an independent, non-profit organization serving as the innovation hub for robotics and connected devices. Through our programming and events, we help bring together innovative startups and existing technology organizations to nurture the next generation of talent, and promote economic growth and innovation. By working with diverse local talent, we are helping to bring about the next global evolution of robotics.

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Top Flight

Top Flight Technologies is a leading provider of hybrid energy power systems that extend flight times and allow heavier payloads for commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) enabling disruptive and new business solutions for customers in aerospace, transportation, agriculture, and many other industries.

Company Representative

Long N. Phan, Founder and CEO


Artaic designs and fabricates custom, award-winning tile-work. We modernize the creation of architecturally compelling mosaics through fast design iterations, free sampling and American robotic production. Custom tile is now fast and painless. 

Company Representative 

Ted Acworth, Founder and CEO


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Kodama, Inc. is a 3D printing technologies companies founded in 2016 with the goal of being a market leader in consumer 3D printers by designing high quality, user experience-driven 3D printers at an affordable price.

We are a small team of designers and engineers with a passion for 3D printing, and the vision to make it accessible to every creative soul.

Company Representative 

Michael Husmann, CEO

Alkemy Enviromental 

Alkemy Environmental is a clean technology company that recycles industrial waste into structural grade lightweight concrete aggregate.

Alkemy's technology produces a structural grade and LEED accredited lightweight concrete aggregate for ready-mix, masonry, precast, and roadwork applications.

Company Representative



Pecos Windpower

Pecos Wind Power is tapping into low wind speed resources previously unsuitable for wind turbines. 

Pecos Wind Power designs, builds, and sells wind turbines for distributed generation. We enable schools, businesses, and towns to generate their own inexpensive, renewable electricity. Our PW85 turbine is installed next to your facility and produces electricity at a rate less than what you would pay your utility.

Company Representative 

Joshua Groleau, CEO


Arensis, a global decentralized energy solutions provider. Arensis helps customers around the world, reduce energy costs, monetize waste streams and control energy production.  The conversion technology, powered by ENTRADE, is the most advanced small scale biomass Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system in the market. The E4 (and soon to be released E5) systems each generate 50kW of electricity and 120 kW of thermal energy and fit in a 20-foot shipping container for easy and fast deployment.  The energy solutions are modular and can be combined, allowing Arensis to deliver 50kWs to 5MWs of energy anywhere in the world in weeks, not years.  The company has 155 units deployed in ten countries and is headquartered in Los Angeles. 

Company Representative

Julien Uhlig, CEO and Founder

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Cubit projects tap into the fun in building and we enjoy working together to make creating with Cubit the best experience possible. Our projects combine design and engineering by integrating programming and building into one easy to use platform. Cubit allows you to start simple and grows with you as you develop your skills. Cubit projects have something for everyone: from smart cars, musical horns, bedazzled butterflies, and earthquake tables!

Company Representative 

Gang Huang, Vice President of Hardware


We’re pioneering a whole new industry in the most delicious way possible. With proprietary technology, our robots count calories, deliver precise portions, and serve up vibrant, forward-thinking food.


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Our energy management platform can be installed in minutes in any size operation and begin saving you money immediately. BriteThings plugs and power strips learn how you and your team use electricity and send you on/off schedules that will cut your costs, cut your Carbon Footprint and do it in the background, automatically without effecting your work. The service pays for itself in a manner of months and lets you track and manage any device or appliance that gets plugged in.

Company Representative

Sherry Xin Hu, CTO


DermaPort, Inc. is a medical device manufacturer located in Walnut, California. DermaPort, Inc. was founded to create innovative access devices that improve clinical outcome and patient experience. DermaPort, Inc. is current commercializing its Ported Vascular Access System (“DermaPortTM”) for long-term catheter dependent patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

Company Representative 

Greg Zikos, President and CEO


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Lifelique, Inc. 

Lifeliqe is a visual publishing platform presenting world’s first digital K-12 science curriculum enhanced with interactive 3D models and aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core. Students, teachers and homeschoolers can access more than 1,300 premium, ready-to-use 3D & augmented reality models and lesson plans for learning, creating and sharing their own content. Lifeliqe's mission is to spark memorable light bulb moments and create a passion for lifelong learning in students.

Company Representative

Matouš Tlapák, COO


SAITEC provides a wide range of top quality engineering services, from a comprehensive multidisciplinary perspective. Its renowned professional expertise proves its ability and reliability, having participated in many of the most relevant projects undertaken in the industry. 

Company Representative 

David Carrascosa



Massachusetts Lobsterman Association

The Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association was established in 1963 by the fishermen, for the fishermen, and is presently one of the leading commercial fishing industry associations in New England. On behalf of the 1,800 members, the MLA works to maintain both the industry and the resource. The MLA strives to be proactive on issues affecting the lobster industry and is active in the management process at both the state and federal levels. 

Company Representative 

David Casoni, Secretary and Treasurer



OhmniLabs is a robotics startup whose mission is to develop and deliver affordable productivity improving robotic solutions for the home, healthcare, education and business.  Its first product is a telepresence robot that’s just now coming out of production after field trials with 250 robots.    Using off the shelf technology for mainstream capabilities and inventing its own for elements that don’t exist for specific requirements, including fast production capabilities, Ohmni robots will rapidly add capabilities and intelligence at the lowest possible costs.

Company Representative 

Edward (Ned) Semonite, VP of Business Development

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PerceptIn, a world-class full-stack visual intelligence company, is leading the way to a new reality where machines see, interpret, learn, and take action. Some of these machines may be what we think of as traditional “robots,” but we also anticipate a broad range of devices that take the deep learning of visual intelligence, which can be integrated into almost any device, and introduce advanced functionalities for exciting, new products that liberate workers from mundane tasks, creating new efficiencies. All in a way that is so cost-effective, the new business opportunities will be staggering.

Company Representative 

Shaoshan Liu, Founder and Chairman

Robilis, Inc.

Modern life requires a lot of sitting. Unfortunately, prolonged sitting is associated with diseases including back pain and diabetes. This is well represented by the 63M US adults (28%) with chronic back pain and increasing number of diabetic population (52.3% of US adults are either prediabetic or diabetic; Reference: Menk et al., 2017). We believe chairs should be smart and protect us from diseases from sitting. At Robilis, we are realizing this vision with the patented standing chair, StandX.

Company Representative 

Simon Hong, Founder and CEO



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Syfer was created out of a belief that every person should be able to control the data they generate as they move through the connected world.
As the world around us becomes more connected, we must adapt the way we secure our personal information. Whether it is a social network,
entertainment, health, or education, we are all generating trails of data - trails that lead to our homes, our businesses, and ourselves. 

Company Representative

Sean Gearin, SVP of Business Operations