On December 13, 2018, InTeahouse’s Vice President of Global Business Development Angela Mah spoke at an event for General Assembly: ‘How She Got There’.

At this event, Angela spoke about her experiences as a female leader in business and gave her advice on what it takes to become a pioneering woman. Giving insight to her winding career through public health, banking, and to where she is now, Angela discussed the power and importance of branding, mentoring, and marketing. These days, Angela helps pave the way for those hoping to reach levels similar to hers. Through constant mentoring of other young leaders and guidance through talks and meetings such as these, Angela hopes to see more and more woman reaching the pinnacles of business.

Through this event, Angela, and other fellow panelists, helped to inspire other hopeful female entrepreneurs and businesswomen to achieve and surpass their goals.

The full panel included:

Angela Mah, Vice President, Global Business Development, InTeahouse, Inc.

Dawn Meredith Simmons, Co-Founder and Artistic Director, The Front Porch Arts Collective

Kara Miller, Director of Women Innovation Now (WIN) Lab, Babson (moderator)

Gina Nebesar, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Ovia Health

Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Co-founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief, Her Campus Media