Cities: Dongguan, Foshan, Guangzhou, Shanghai

Date: May 14th - May 19th, 2018


     InTeahouse has established itself as a global, innovation platform for innovators and fast growing companies by delivering access to the burgeoning, China market through investment, strategic partners, and market access. InTeahouse China Summit is an opportunity for companies to meet over 300+ potential partners and investors in 3-4 Chinese cities over 5 days.

Part of this year's summit is a US-China investment cooperation conference organized by US Chamber of Commerce and Guangdong government. It is wonderful opportunity for you to establish new relationships with potential investors, strategic partners and manufacturers to accelerate your business growth. This is a sponsored event by InTeahouse and we will cover most of your expenses during the itinerary. (see FAQ for more details).


Video recap of InTeahouse Robotics Summit in 2016 & CleanTech Summit 2017

Why Attend

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Market Expansion

Expand your company's opportunity into the world's largest market. Attendees will network and build valuable connections with local industry leaders who can be potential partners.

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Receive Funding

Meet 300+ investors in China to expand your fundraising opportunities. We have successfully bridged more than $22 millions of investment for our attendees through the summits.

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Industry Insight

Acquire special industry insight of Chinese market under Chinese political structure. Share and exchange advanced industry knowledge with Chinese industry experts.


Who to Expect from China

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Through participation in China Summits over the past 12 months, InTeahouse has successfully held 6 Summits in 25 major cities in China, and helped 45 companies from U.S. and Europe meet with 1000+ investors and strategic partners. 




Dr. Ted Acworth
Founder and CEO of Artaic

Dr. Mercedes Balcells
Principal Research Scientist of Institute for Medical Engineering & Science at MIT

Ulrik Deichsel
Founder of Micropsi industries GmbH

"I joined the October 2016 Summit, which lead to Artaic raising $2.1M in capital, and preparing to launch sales of our product in China and 13 major international metropolitan areas. Our relationship with InTeahouse propelled our company to new levels we hadn’t even imagined."
"I wanted to reach out to China and I did not know how to connect with this giant market. InTeahouse was able to help me make the necessary connections and partnerships. The Summit was the pivotal point for collaboration with Chinese counterparts."

"The Chinese market is critical to our company’s success. Attending the InTeahouse summit was for us the crucial first step in our expansion towards China. Working with InTeahouse has enabled us to reach relevant partners and customers much faster and on many more levels than we could have done it ourselves. Their global presence makes the collaboration easy and ensures that there’s always a team member on the ground wherever you are based."


What costs are associated with this Summit?

  • Cost of flights to and from China
  • Becoming a member of InFriends, a $300 value

What is provided by InTeahouse?

  • All internal flights (within China)
  • Transportation between cities
  • Hotel accommodations
  • All organized meals
  • Admission to all Summit receptions and banquets
  • Concierge and translation service by ITH staff during the Summit
  • Guided visits to tourist sites (optional)

What is not provided by InTeahouse?

  • Your travel to and from China (International Flights)
  • Visa application

What is the application process?

  • Click a "Sign Up Now" button and submit your application
  • You will receive a confirmation email within 5 business days

What materials will be needed for the application?

  • 10-15 minutes Pitch Deck (Bilingual with Chinese preferred)
  • Your company's logo (.png format)
  • High resolution picture of your main product
  • High resolution picture of your representative
  • A copy of all attendee’s passports (first page) for hotel and internal flight bookings.

Which flight should I book?

  • We suggest you book a direct flight and arrive at China one day before the start of the Summit.
  • Please keep different time zones in mind!
  • Feel free to contact us with any further travel questions you may have!

Will communication barriers be an issue?

  • InTeahouse will provide translators that accompany you throughout the Summit.
  • All Summit events will have simultaneous interpretation.

What happens after the summit?

  • InTeahouse will help you follow up on all connections made during the trip.


About InTeahouse

InTeahouse frequently hosts industry-focused summits that attract Chinese investors, corporate executives and government leaders. The goal is to provide companies with unique opportunities for funding, access to the Chinese market, and business partnerships, such as supply chain and manufacturing. Traveling to China’s most innovative cities, you will cultivate personal relationships to facilitate business and growth in world’s largest consumer and business market.