InTeahouse hosted the Emerging Industry International Cooperation Summit in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Sept. 19th.  The purpose of this summit was to establish trade and investment opportunities between Massachusetts cities and the city of Dongguan as well as promote technological innovation in both regions.

The Summit brought together the Mayor of Dongguan, the Mayor of Cambridge and Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment for discussions on future collaboration and furthering technological innovation in both regions.

Nam Pham, Assistant Secretary of Business Development of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts opened the Summit, connecting the parallels of both regions and the need for more collaboration and addressing that the summit was huge step in the right direction. The Summit included speakers from Boston’s innovation community as well as representatives from Dongguan. The Dean of MIT's Office of Digital Learning as well Walmart’s VP of Global Government Affairs talked about the need for greater collaboration between the global cities and the similar tech environments of Cambridge/Boston and Dongguan. 

Speakers from Dongguan included the Mayor of Dongguan and the Director of the Bureau of Commerce for Dongguan. Their topics included the desire for the two regions to share innovations and technology while fostering growth that can benefit both regions.

The summit was caped off with a lunch for all attendees and a showcase for the Dongguan delegation to some of Massachusetts’s innovation stand outs like a tour of the MIT Media Lab and Genzyme’s headquarters as well meetings with Flagship Ventures and WuXi AppTec.