Where Ideas Come Together

Located in Boston, San Francisco, Hangzhou, Beijing, Guangdong, Munich and London, our InTeahubs are places for innovators, investors and entrepreneurs to connect face - to - face. 

Want to join the conversation? Here's how! 



We host a variety of events, all with the common goal of igniting conversation and connection in the entrepreneurial community. Our Meetup group, The Startup Club has branches in Boston and San Francisco. Make sure to keep an eye on our Events page for the most up-to-date announcements and info. 



Looking for something more? Join InFriends! You'll get access to exclusive events, mentorship opportunities, meeting space and promotion on our new platform! If you're interested in expanding your network and growing your business, sign up today!


Desk Rentals

If you have everything you need for a successful startup except for a desk, we've got you covered! At our InTeahubs, you get a conveniently located dedicated desk, surrounded by your fellow innovators and entrepreneurs. Click below to check for available space!