Benefits for ITH Network members

InTeahouse Network (ITH Network) is a diverse community of entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, academic and research institutions, banks, law firms, consulting firms, and various industry professionals. We are excited to have you and your company joining us to grow your network and business!


  • Investment opportunity from InTeahouse InnoBanker Fund and co-investors

  • Trust-bridge to China and Europe that connects together investors and entrepreneurs

  • Personal and warm introductions to strategic partnerships locally and globally, especially in China (market entry, manufacturing, business partnership, etc.)

  • Our conference/office spaces in innovative cities (Boston, San Francisco, Munich, London, Hangzhou and Beijing)

  • Free networking events and workshops to help you grow your company (mentorship, founders office hours, legal consulting, financial advice, banking, etc.)

Customized services (including, but not restricted to, consulting, fundraising, strategic partnership, business referrals to investors and startups, exclusive access for early stage companies to key stakeholders and investors globally, top-level service for late-stage companies and investors with VIP access and support to our global network and initiatives with China market, and various financial services through our InnoBanker Fund)


High yield investment opportunities in the technology sector through our deep connections with educational and entrepreneurial communities in Boston, San Francisco, and our other locations