Big Data & Intelligent Manufacturing Summit



September 16th - 24th, 2017

Join us for the Big Data & Intelligent Manufacturing Summit! Meet with investors, executives, and government leaders across 4 cities. InTeahouse frequently hosts industry-focused summits that attract 500+ Chinese investors, corporate executives and government leaders. The goal is to provide companies with unique opportunities for funding, access to the Chinese market, and business partnerships, such as supply chain and manufacturing. Traveling to China’s most innovative cities, you will cultivate personal relationships to facilitate business and growth in world’s largest consumer and business market.

  • Secure investment from partners who understand your company
  • Develop relationships with key figures to grow and scale your business
  • Gain unique insight on working with Chinese manufacturers

Applications are now closed



What costs are covered on the trip?

For the selected companies, the trip fee is $1999 - 3000 and covers hotel, food, inter-china travel, and shuttles. You are required to cover your flight costs to and from China and any miscellaneous goods or gifts purchased during the trip.

How are the cities selected?

We select 4-5 cities based on their interests and industry strength in order to make the most of the exchange. The cities for this trip are: Shenzhen Monday 18th, Zhuhai/Foshan Tuesday 19th, Chongqing Wednesday 20th, Jiaxing Thursday 21, and Hangzhou Friday 22.

Will communication barriers be an issue?

InTeahouse will provide translators that accompany you, ensuring communication channels are understood.

What happens after the summit?

InTeahouse will provide a free month of post-summit follow-ups on both the US and China side to consolidate and finalize the agreements.



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