• Google Developers Launchpad Space (map)
  • 301 Howard Street, 4th Floor,
  • San Francisco, CA

InTeahouse Venture Capital is on a global search for the next successful startups, founders, co-founders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Every other month InTeahouse San Francisco will award a hefty prize to the best startup idea (no strings attached).


About This Month’s Prize ($5k Value): China is waiting for you!

InTeahouse VC wants to connect you to over 500 Chinese investors and put your company at the forefront of China's Big Data Movement.

We will send you to China, all expenses paid, to travel to 5 major cities and personally introduce you to the city's top companies and officials.

Want to learn how you can participate in the event without having to win the competition? Check out the Big Data Summit form (https://www.inteahouse.vc/big-data-summit) and apply now as spots on the trip are limited!