InTeahouse Venture Capital

InTeahouse Venture Capital was founded in 2015 by a successful entrepreneur Xin Liu. Her company is one of the top world producers of clean batteries and solar panels.

InTeahouse VC is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, with offices in Beijing, Hangzhou, London, Munich, San Francisco, Tel Aviv and Zurich. Our funds of $30M and $125M respectively, are dedicated to launching technologies that will benefit the world.




Our Philosophy

Historically, the teahouse has been a center of commerce, communication, and innovation. InTeahouse builds upon the legacy of teahouses around the world to create connections between local innovators and international investors.

Through our InSeven Investment Program, our InFriends Network, and international network of InTeahubs, we help entrepreneurs and investors make the connections they need to grow their businesses faster.



Cambridge, MA USA (Headquarters)
Xin Liu, Founder & CEO
Angela Mah, Summits
Joshua, Summits
Amalia Dorfman, HR Director
Chris Ilsley, Community Manager
Nathan, Marketing Manager

San Francisco, CA USA
Marlon Stevenson, Director of Marketing

Munich, Germany

London, United Kingdom
Stefano Tresca

Beijing, China

Hangzhou, China

Advisory Board



“I see InTeahouse as security going into the Chinese market.”

Artaic, a Boston based company, was first introduced to InTeahouse by Tom Ryden, Executive Director of MassRobotics. Artaic’s CEO Ted Acworth attended InTeahouse US-China Robotics Summit in October 2016. Four month later, Artaic raised $2MM funding from a chinese investor Lesso and InnoBanker Holdings.

 We help introduce international companies to strategic business partners and investors. Each year we organize several investment summits in China and cover 80% of travel costs for selected international companies. Our summits are focused on CleanTech, Robotics/AI and FinTech.

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Upcoming summits

October 2017: FinTech

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Past summits

May 2017: CleanTech


“InTeahouse helped my startup raise $80,000.”

We are here to help you win.

Our close relationships with local startup companies, universities and innovation centers and other investors, can help accelerate your company throughout the year. You can utilize our global office space for your presentations and meetings with investors and business partners. You can showcase your hardware in our global offices and attract new customers. You can attend our regular events and gain insights and know-how you need on your road to success. Events and services for our members (link to Membership page) are free of charge. 

Once a year we run an accelerator, InSeven, where we invest in 7 companies, at each of our local offices.


The InSeven Investment Program by InTeahouse helps startups grow faster through an investment of $70,000; a year of collaborative work space; access to an international network of advisors, mentors, investors, and customers; and follow-on capital options.

In addition to $70,000 of capital investment, InSeven Companies receive:

  1. Work Space – free space up to four team members in InTeahouse’s office space in Central Sq., Cambridge.

  2. Access to Capital – after one year, InSeven companies may apply for a loan of up to $300,000 and/or additional equity investment.

  3. Worldwide Investors Exposure – access to the InTeahouse worldwide investment community.

  4. Fundraising Opportunities – InTeahouse hosts periodic fundraising events to help InSeven companies raise capital.

  5. Access to China Market – guidance and support from the InTeahouse team and network in China. Additionally, InSeven companies are eligible for one free summit trip to China to meet with investors and manufacturers.

  6. Mentor Matching – introductions to mentors, advisors, and experts relevant to your business.

  7. InTeahouse Network Membership – access to all InTeahouse Network services

  8. Forum Access – access to all InTeahouse’s investor forums and events.

Access to office locations around the world – Selected start-ups can apply to change into different InTeahouse office locations (Boston, San Francisco, New York, Munich, HangZhou, Beijing).


Historically, the teahouse has been a center of commerce, communication and innovation. The tradition of finding common ground over steaming cups of tea has enlightened and inspired human civilization. InTeahouse builds upon this legacy: We sit, enjoy a sip of tea and listen; we share stories and knowledge. The we go and make things happen. InTeahouse creates meaningful connections between local innovators and global investors.