For businesses producing a good, costs are incurred before your product is ever in the hands of consumers. Companies are always looking to lower costs, quicker turn around, and get the best quality possible when producing a product. Enter China. “Manufacturing in China opens a world of possibility to create a wide range of products and innovations” says Forbes contributor Michael Evans says. China's natural resources, currency rates, and economy allows for lots opportunities and solutions to shed excess costs in the supply chain and product. It can also result in competitive advantages, by capturing new sources of capital such as investments, market entry into Asia, and raising your the overall ceiling on growth/expansion. It may seem daunting and challenging, but with the right moves it can change the whole dynamic of a business for the better.

The #1 reason why people don’t manufacture overseas seems to be that it’s just not easy to find a factory

Many Chinese factories have the capacity to produce large orders in a timely manner. When a Chinese manufacturer tells you he can have your order done in four weeks, it will likely be done in four weeks”. In many cases, domestic manufacturing takes much longer to produce products than overseas. Switching to a foreign supplier, like China, can heavily decrease manufacturing time. The Chinese factories work at an impressive rate to fulfill the customer’s order to a level of satisfaction that is exceptional. A higher output and quicker turnaround time can directly relate to an increase in revenue. 

oversea manufacturing

According to an Entrepreneur Magazine article by Greg Shugar, “The #1 reason why people don't manufacture overseas seems to be that it's just not easy to find a factory”.  Companies want to make sure they can trust the manufacturer before blindly incurring manufacturing costs. Having a intermediary partner like InTeahouse, can help to eliminate the blindness that is associated with new manufacturing in China. InTeahouse can help find the factory, investor, or other asset that will benefit your business with the best quality, capacity, and capability. Through InTeahouse's trusted network of partners they can help eliminate any misconceptions and fearfulness with overseas partnerships creating confidence between you and the entities outsourcing your product.

Staying competitive in a crowded market place is never easy. Navigating these unfamiliar waters can be intimidating without the correct guidance, but if successful can reap great benefits pushing you past competition. It’s all about knowing the right people, and having the right connections. InTeahouse will be your guide into the Chinese Market.