The United States Massachusetts Life Sciences and Healthcare Summit was held in Zhejiang Shaoxing on March 22-23 to accelerate innovation, promote the development of Shaoxing industry, and build a green high-end industrial system.

The Municipal Committee and Minister, Xu Xiaoguang, attended the event and emphasized the importance of the emerging Life Sciences and Healthcare industries. Shaoxing’s Life Sciences and Healthcare Industries has maintained a good momentum of development, accounting for 4.5% of the city’s GDP, in which 11 bio-pharmaceutical companies’ industry sales accounted for 22.5% of Zhejiang’s total revenue. We can say that Shaoxing has both industrial and capital advantages, as it possesses cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements in the life sciences sector. During this Summit, InTeahouse has brought eight world-class experts in the health industry from the United States and provided a rare exchange opportunity. It is hoped that through this dialogue, the two sides could find more mutually beneficial cooperation opportunities in the future.

During the event, Massachusetts Institute of Technology chief scientist Dr. Mercedes Balcells, Cangen Biotechnologies’ chief executive officer, Johns Hopkins University professor Dr. Chul So Moon, Aphios’ president and chief executive officer Trevor Dr. Castro and other expert representatives, demonstrated their technologies in artificial ears, cutting-edge genomics technology for the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, diabetes / Alzheimer’s disease therapeutics and a number of other cutting-edge innovative projects.

The attendees included 40 enterprises, 20 domestic and foreign venture capital institutions and the city’s 13 provincial-level development zones representatives, including business executives, investment directors, technical directors, as well as government investment directors.

Through the presentation of the US experts, Shaoxing’s enterprises showed strong interests in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, medical equipment, and actively took initiative in building contacts. According to the preliminary statistics, more than 30 preliminary cooperation intentions have been made between 20 enterprises and the Massachusetts team of experts. The next step will be in-depth discussions and plan about the partnerships. Massachusetts experts have expressed that they are willing to venture in Shaoxing innovation, into this deep cultural heritage and innovative city.