InTeahouse Boston’s InSeven Program Launch kicked off with InTeahouse’s Managing Director, José Estabil, discussing the successful completion of InTeahouse’s first InSeven. With over thirty applications, InTeahouse was able to narrow down the applicants to three start-ups: Pecos Windpower, Qipo and Somax Systems.

 To celebrate this momentous occasion, MIT Professor and successful entreprenuer, Charles L. Cooney, gave a speech on what it takes to build a billion dollar company.  Sharing his experience working with Genzyme, Biocon and Genetech, each billion dollar companies in there own right, Cooney shared his insights on the path to building a successful company.  Cooney compared the path to mountain climbing, underlining the fact that getting to the summit (or building a product), was only part of the journey to attaining the goal.

 Following Professor Cooney’s speech, each of InTeahouse’s selected InSeven teams pitched their companies to the attendees which included bankers, government officials and fellow entrepreneurs.  

 The event also included Assistant Secretary of Business Development & International Trade to the Governor of Massachusetts, Nam Phan, who presented InTeahouse founder, Xin Liu, with a citation from Governor Charlie Baker.

In addition to the citation, InTeahouse’s InSeven Program Launch featured an exciting announcement of InTeahouse’s new partnership with iSoftStone.  Through this partnership, InTeahouse InFriends members entering China will have access to Leye Space, iSoftStone’s premium co-working spaces, as well as Leye Space services including SaaS application, legal consulting, enterprise cloud and business services.  

The presentation ended with a discussion about China’s growing appetite for U.S. Tech, emphasizing that the time to access China is now.  InTeahouse has helped to connect U.S. companies to China through InTeahouse’s InSummits in which selected companies were brought to China to meet investors, manufacturers and other strategic partners. The night concluded with drinks and network for all attendees.