Companies participating in InSummit’s over the past 12 months have secured over $23 million dollars of investment from China.

Explore China

 InTeahouse frequently hosts industry-focused summits - InSummit - that attract 500+ Chinese investors, corporate executives and government leaders. The goal is to provide selected companies with unique opportunities to raise funding, access the Chinese market, and build strong business partnerships (e.g. manufacturing, supply chain). Traveling to China's most innovative cities, you will cultivate personal relationships to facilitate business and growth in world's largest consumer and business market.



“I see InTeahouse as security going into the Chinese market.”

Artaic's CEO Ted Acworth attended InTeahouse US-China Robotics Summit in October 2016. Four months later, Artaic raised $2MM funding from a Chinese investor, Lesso, and InnoBanker fund.


What To Expect



Establish relationships with Chinese investors, corporate executives, and government leaders to expand your global network


Industry Insight

Acquire advanced knowledge through business meetings and tours of leading industrial facilities in the most innovative cities related to your industry



Our delegates will guide you through international communication, meetings, and business negotiations during and after the summit




August, 2018: New Technology Summit


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Past Summits

May 13 - 19, 2018: Tech Summit

March 17-25, 2018: FinTech Summit

March 25-31, 2018: Life Sciences Summit

September 2017: Big Data & Intelligent Manufacturing/Robotics Summit

May 2017: CleanTech Summit

March 2017: Life Sciences Summit

October 2016: Robotics Summit



Past Summit Attendees


I wanted to reach out to China and I did not know how to connect with this giant market. InTeahouse was able to help me make the necessary connections and partnerships. The Summit was the pivotal point for collaboration with Chinese counterparts.

Dr. Mercedes Balcells MIT Principal Research Scientist, Institute for Medical Engineering & Science

InTeahouse’s dedication to delivering on their promises is unmatched; what they promise, they deliver! Having them in China provided the delegates with necessary support and guidance.

Grega Verdenik Founder, UnifyGreen

They made sure each event was well organized for the delegates to present their technologies and have ample opportunity to interact with decision makers from funds, local companies, and government supporting units. I met a number of companies and investors and am still working with them.

Dr. Shuang Liu Co-Founder and President, Consynance